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What’s a Music Tour without music? The stories of Louis Armstrong, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Little Richard and Louis Prima are a sample of the musicians whose stories we tell. To complete those stories we play clips of their original recordings. The recordings bring out the smiles and toes to tappin’. Our company, New Orleans Music Tours (LLC) has three different daily music tours for you. Take one or all three of our Gold Record Tours

Music Gumbo

Will Norris in front of Preservation Hall New Orleans for Music Gumbo tourA two-hour walking tour of the 300-year history of American music and jazz. You will stand in Congo Square where 18th-century African dance and rhythm began the journey to jazz. Hear the story of the emergence of jazz. Hear the first known recording of jazz in 1917. From jazz to rock ‘n roll our great stories and snippets original recordings from artist, band, or era. The best introduction to New Orleans music. Read more…

Satchmo Jazz Tour

Louis Armstrong National Jazz Park entrance, Satchmo Jazz Tour

Satchmo Jazz is a two-hour walking tour through the remarkable history of jazz we tell with stories and snippets of original recordings. The tour is entirely within Louis Armstrong National Jazz Park. We begin in Congo Square, the centuries old nexus of jazz. On to monuments, sculpture and historic buildings the tour continues Shaded with wide sidewalks, a great place for a tour and a gem of musical heritage rarely explored.  It’s all things Jazz. Read more…

Night On The Town

Night On The Town on Frenchmen StreetEnjoy a guided early evening of live local music. This is more than a tour. It is an introduction to the top music clubs, bands and musicians on the hottest street in town – Frenchmen Street. This is where the locals go for New Orleans music. Your guide knows who is playing where and when and gets you there.  Read more…

New Orleans Music Tours guides share the stories of what makes New Orleans the most influential city in popular music. It could have only happened in a place where Creole French, Spanish and both free and enslaved Africans came together with foods, cultures and musics of their homelands.

Here is where the history of syncopated rhythms that charged the music and dance of slaves 250 years ago in Congo Square. During the same period masked balls, European music and opera were essential to Creole French society.

Onward by centuries jazz emerges From the 1800s with the first recorded in 1917 of Livery Stable Blues by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band.  Soon Louis Armstrong becomes the international ambassador of jazz. Louis Prima, Pete Fountain and Al Hirt all played on Bourbon Street and across America on television and gold records.

An a decade later music more bold and brash than widely popular than rhythm and blues was recorded by Cosimo Matassa at his Rampart Street studio barely large enough for the whole band.. What America would soon know as rock ‘n roll. Some of his most memorable recordings were Fats Domino’s single “The Fat Man,” Roy Brown’s “Good Rockin Tonight” and Little Richard’s “Tutti Frutti”

In 2010 the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum designated Cosimo Matassa’s J&M Recording Studio as a historic Rock and Roll Landmark, one of 11 nationwide.

No one story is complete without the other. It’s a fascinating story shared by professional tour guides for young and old, musicians and students. Through the stories and recordings you’ll be amazed at the songs you’ve enjoyed all of your life thaat came directly from New Orleans.

Our experienced music tour guides are licensed pro’s. Each is well-known for their great stories told with toe-tapping music clips. The recordings add richness to the presentation. With handheld audio players and bold little speakers everyone in the group crystal has clear listening.

music tours audio player and speaker

Jeremy with Hand Held Sound System

Book your tour early in your visit so you’ll have he big picture in mind. Be it jazz, rock, gospel or blues you’ll know what fits where.

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