TripAdvisor review “Best tour in New Orleans”

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Reviewed April 21, 2013 by GeorgeByron, New York City

"Best tour in New Orleans,

This delightful tour is a MUST! And it’s full of pleasant surprises. I had no idea, to start with, that a casual walk through a small part of the French Quarter would visit the roots of so many forms of music in America. Jazz, of course, but who knew New Orleans built its grand French Opera House a quarter of a century before New York City had its Metropolitan! Our knowledgeable raconteur and guide, Will Norris, brought the musical history of the city to life with his marvelous stories and his brief, well-chosen samples of the music itself–made possible by the iPod Nano and crystal-clear minispeaker system he discreetly carried with him as we strolled along."