Americana Music Triangle

Aubrey Preston and Anthony Scarlati took a music tour with me over a year ago. We hired a pedicab rather than walk for two hours. Anthony was clickin’ pics along the way. Turns out he’s a well accomplished Nashville photographer who has traveled the five state Americana Music Triangle they are developing. Its Nashville to Memphis, the Mississippi delta and New Orleans. Here’s the May 7, 2013 article in the Tennessean newspaper that’s been picked up by USA Today.

Anthony’s journey blog and down to earth pictures is a good read or scroll and look. If you Ctrl-F for web page search type in ‘Orleans’ and you’ll jump to that visit. He mentions our tour. A couple of the pics are from that. See the upright piano? That’s in preservation hall where we started the tour.

Yesterday in a reply to my general ‘what’s going on these days’ email Arbrey
wrote –

The AMT project is huge but it’s going extremely well. We finally released our story to a reporter at the Nashville Tennessean a few weeks ago and it was on the front page this past Tuesday. Check out the link below but you really need to see the hard copy to appreciate how good of a job they did with it.

It then got picked up by USA Today, the AP and then went totally viral. State and local tourism agencies have been rocking it on social media. Never seen anything quite like it! 

You don’t have to sell me on your tours, knowledge and classy presentation. I am a believer and will do anything we can do to support you. You were really helpful to Tony and me as we worked to get a better understanding of NOLA and the region.”

Its quite and honor for New Orleans Music Tours to be involved in such a project. Of course hundreds of musicians and heritage sites will be too.

Will Norris