Blackpot Festival & Cookoff This Weekend

This is the 5th year of the Blackpot Festival & Cookoff in nearby Lafayette but only the 1st year that I’ve had a chance to go.  I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t turn out to be good enough to put on the calendar for every year.

The music line-up has a great assortment of South Louisiana bands, many of which will demand dancing (of course!)  The extra special treat (Lagniappe!) is the presence of Jay Ungar and Molly Mason on Saturday at 4:00 P.M.

Their iconic song associated with South Louisiana is a popular dance tune named the “Lovers’ Waltz”.  It’s an absolutely haunting song that began showing up in dance halls after Steve Riley recorded it in 1993.  It so beautifully captured the pathos of South Louisiana history that none of us guessed that it was actually written by a couple of Yankees from the Catskills of upstate New York!

PBS and Ken Burns fans might already be familiar with another Jay Ungar composition – “Ashokan Farewell”.  It was the similarly haunting theme to “The Civil War” series.

If you go, look for us to be at the Chapel Stage at 4:00 P.M. – a rare opportunity not to be missed.