Exploring The Americana Music Triangle, Part 2 – Clarksdale: Rock & Blues Museum

Another immigrant to the Americana Music Triangle that is bringing his energy (and his collecting) to the revival of the music legacy in Clarksdale is Theo Daspach … and he came a long way to do it – specifically, from the Netherlands.  Theo has been a blues fan, collector, and musician since fo’evah.  He opened a museum with his private collection in the Netherlands in 1997 and, in August of 2005, relocated his collection to Clarksdale to open the Rock & Blues Museum.  20131031_153326  Theo uses his collection to tell a visual and aural story of the birth of the blues and its transformation into rock ‘n’ roll.  The museum is currently managed by the charming and gracious Shelley Ricker, pictured here.    If you hit the museum at the right time, she may be the one to give you a curated walk through it.