Stanton Moore – December 2013 Drum Clinic

I don’t know anything more about the clinic than what’s come through from mailings, press releases, and Moore’s website but this promises to be one of the best clinic opportunities for drummers.

For starters, New Orleans is a city of amazing drummers.  They play stuff here in New Orleans that’s different than anything else anywhere in the world.  It’s a great place for a drummer to be to learn his/her craft.

But, really, Moore is the reason to take the clinic.  He’s a New Orleans trained drummer probably best known for his work with Galactic.  He himself studied with the absolutely unique drummer John VidacovichMoore is the single best drum clinician that I have ever experienced.

Most drum clinics are a forum for the product sponsors of the clinician to flog their products.  It starts and ends with a drum solo and is filled in the middle with a question and answer session.  That’s often not a bad way to spend an hour or so but Moore takes his clinics to a whole ‘nother level.

He comes prepared to teach.  He has very specific ideas of what he wants to convey to his students, frequently brings written material to pass out, and also frequently brings a band to demonstrate the technique that he is teaching.  As a student himself, he appears to have a cognitive learning style that makes him a very powerful teacher.  He understands how he learned techniques and evolved them and, as a consequence, is very effective at passing on that understanding.

Plus, the lagniappe is that the clinic will be held in the old U.S. Mint, with a great performance space and a world class collection of instruments and music artifacts.