Looking Forward To The Carolina Chocolate Drops At Tipitina’s in February

New Orleans is privileged to be treated to a return of the Carolina Chocolate Drops to Tipitina’s on February 14th (only 20 bucks – a bargain).  Carolina Chocolate Drops at Jazz Fest Of the several times that I’ve seen them, their previous show at Tipitina’s was the best.  It’s more intimate than a lot of the venues that host them, particularly festivals, which better favors their style of music.

It will be interesting to see (and hear) the changes that have happened to the band.  Dom Flemons, one of the founders, has left the band since their previous appearance at Tipitina’s.  That show also featured the “human beatbox” of Adam Matta.  One of the highlights of that show was a duet between Matta and Rhiannon Giddens on an improvisaton of a Celtic melody.  It’s almost impossible to describe but delightful to have heard.  (The photo shows Flemons and Giddens during a Jazz Fest performance.)

This trip we can expect to see new members Malcom Parson (cello) and Rowan Corbett, along with Giddens and Hubby Jenkins.