Congo Square New World Rhythms Festival

Put it on your calendar for this weekend – Saturday & Sunday, March 22nd & 23rd.

Congo Square releifThe Congo Square location is a key stop on our “Music Gumbo” tour but the site is still largely under-utilized.  Fortunately, that is slowly changing.  Among other activities, for the seventh year, the Jazz & Heritage Foundation is organizing a New World Rhythms Festival.  It’s a great chance to experience some music that doesn’t get enough play in New Orleans in a place that is truly hallowed ground.

The most regular activity that takes advantage of Congo Square iLuther Gray in Congo Squares the weekly drum circle sponsored by the Congo Square Preservation Society.  The key person behind the organization and leader of the circle is Luther Gray, also affiliated with Bamboula 2000.  Luther leads the participatory drumming in Congo Square  when that’s included in one of our private tours (yup, participatory – tour guests are doing the drumming and dancing).