“Where Was Matt?”

… hanging out in the Quarter with New Orleans Music Tours!

We had the privilege and pleasure to host Matt Harding on a recent adventure in New Orleans.  He was on an assignment for the Disney company to put together a video compilation of “It’s A Small World”.  The project was to put together something that really reflected the original vision that the Sherman Brothers had for the song.

The design for Matt’s project was to have street performers from around the world combining to perform a single edited version of the song.  Our job was to help him identify candidate performers and negotiate the process of getting it onto video.  It was an adventure, particularly the negotiate part.

There are multiple videos available of Richard Sherman explaining the original vision and the origins of the song.  This is one of the better illustrations.  (If you want to find out more about the brothers, there’s also a biographical documentary called “The Boys: The Sherman Brothers Story”.)

New Orleans Music Tours even uses one of their songs in a tour.  “I Wanna Be Like You” was a song performed by Louis Prima, a New Orleans legend, in The Jungle Book.  We tell that story and feature the recording on the Music Gumbo tour.