Dave Grohl gets it. New Orleans the center of the musical universe

In recent Rolling Stone magazine interview Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) shares his enthusiasm for New Orleans and our culture, history and influence on the rest of the world of American popular music. http://goo.gl/cjjoeY

The late Ernie (Mother-In-Law) K-Doe claimed to be the emperor of the universe. Not sure which universe he envisioned but there’s no doubt he grew up and recorded this rich musical universe surrounded by the stars of this universe of 300 years of music – New Orleans.

Thanks Dave for gettin’ it and for sharing it with everyone that touches your musical world. You’re telling the world exactly what our Music Gumbo tour is all about. Love it. @tourNOLAmusic #nolamusictours

Will Norris

New Orleans (Universe) Music Tours LLC