Street Musicians on Royal or Frenchmen – Family Fun

Moderately Family Friendly – Frenchmen Street

Frenchmen Street forks off of the intersection of Decatur and Esplanade streets. Five blocks long and one singular mind, great music clubs.  No strip clubs, no t-shirt shops, no dueling speaker volume between clubs and no barkers or cover bands.  Its a wide variety of music anchored by jazz, mostly traditional and quite a wide range of styles. You may see brass bands, European Gypsy ‘hot jazz‘ and swing.  Quiet during the day it’s, hoppin’ at night.  The street music is principally day-time, a few bands some with local car and truck traffic.

Not Family Friendly – Bourbon Street

At night Bourbon Street (yikes) closed to vehicle traffic is manic, throbbing music, bright lights, beer and mostly adult 21years or older. By day Bourbon opens to cars and lots of delivery trucks, mostly beer trucks. Rarely is street music seen. Too noisy with clean-up crews and trucks.  Just one block over is the serenity of Royal Street. No bars, beer deliveries conversely by day it’s closed to vehicles. It’s antiques, galleries and street performers of all kinds – music, magics and strange living mannequins.. Musically jazz predominates and like Frenchmen Street its a wide range. Occasionally you may see a classical harpist or resounding opera performance.  Its a tiny taste of what Frenchmen Street is about.

Ultimate In Family Friendly – Royal Street

I’ve begun doing very brief interviews with the  street musicians on Royal. Three or four questions. Rarely more that two minutes.  The stories of the musicians are more intriguing than I expected.  The “where ‘re you from?” and “why ‘re you playing here?” answers are not what I expected,  The one below was shot on Frenchmen Street late afternoon in November 2014. Others are posted on our YouTube ,  Enjoy.

For info and schedules for many of the night clubs go to Frenchmen Street Live.  Daytime street music performers have no web site, no schedule, just stroll, enjoy and tip.