The AFRICAN DRUM & DANCE is a very special event you can add to your MUSIC GUMBO TOUR or ARMSTRONG PARK MUSIC TOUR.

Want to feel the rhythms of the 18th century drumming in your bones? Want to learn the dances and stories they tell?  Want to truly touch the origins New Orleans music?

The African Drum Circle & Dance is a 45 minute presentation that brings to life the sounds, stories and dances that took place right there in 1700’s to mid-1800’s Congo Square.

Your Armstrong Park tour will return to Congo Square, one of the first stops on the tour. As you enter you’ll hear Luther Gray tapping out a welcome on drum slung over his shoulder.  Luther, an African music historian and storyteller guides several of your group to take a place behind one of the large conga drums he has set up on this historic site.. As the newbies learn to tap out the historic syncopated rhythms others in your group are draped in African print shawls as they learn the steps and motions of the dances of 18th century slaves. As the music and dance comes together there is both laughter and awe by participants and viewers alike. Truly a sight to behold.

Luther Gray, co-founder of the Congo Square Preservation Society leads this moving experience that really brings to life the spirit of slave gatherings on this site 250 years ago. The African Drum & Dance Circle is a great finale to the Armstrong Park Music Tour.

The African Drum Circle & Dance is a 45 minute event that is worth every penny of the $450 price.  Available for MUSIC GUMBO or ARMSTRONG PARK MUSIC TOUR.