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A New Hit Maker –

Three years ago a chance meeting led to Aubrey Preston and Anthony Scarlati taking a spur of the moment music tour with me. The were researching Aubrey’s idea of promoting music tourism in the Americana Music Triangle. A triangle of Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans. that officially launched yesterday covers five states and a couple-a dozen cities where  jazz, blues, gospel, bluegrass, country, rock n roll and r & b developed. The route the site covers has been dubbed the #GoldRecordRoad  The site is a great resource of music history and culture tied together with maps and encouragement to “ask the locals” and explore.

Now back to the chance meeting. It was a scorching hot day when I met Aubrey and Tony so rather than the usual 2-hour walking tour we hired a pedicab. Pedicabs were not designed to gracefully carry three big guys in the single bucket seat. We traded off with one person in the seat and two hanging a cheek over the fender. It was a great time and it’s still the only pedicab music tour I’ve given. (Note: the challenge is that walking tours go any way needed up or down one-way French Quarter streets. On the other hand pedicabs must go with the flow of traffic which means to get to some of the historic music spots we had to loop around a block, weave through Bourbon Street and slip past delivery trucks, cabs and people, people, people.. My historic music stories and playlist were not at all in sync with story locations. So Aubrey and Anthony got a tour that to me seemed to be like John Lennon’s Revolution #9 but they didn’t notice or didn’t care, they loved it.)

Yesterday the AMT launch started in Nashville with a host of dignitaries and Keb Mo performing. A coach bus and caravan of music loving press, tourism and music pro’s hit the road for Tupelo and Jackson, MS. Tomorrow morning, May 6, 2015 they’ll kick off the Louisiana leg of the music triangle in Lafayette. I’m looking forward to seeing them cut the ribbon or click a keyboard or whatever is done these days.