Angola Prison :: the October rodeo :: 1933 Leadbelly

The inmates at Louisiana State Prison at Angola put on a great rodeo every Sunday in October. Its serious traditional rodeo using Angola bred horses.  There are some gotta see events such as the Wild Cow Milking and Convict PokerCheck out these action photos.

If you don’t have time to attend or you’re doing time you can by the t-shirt with the famous logo “Angola – A Gated Community”

Angola prision wear and novelty

In the music world Angola is where in the 1933 John Lomax and son Alan met and recorded the blues legend Huddie William Ledbetter better known as ‘Lead Belly’.   The PBS series American Roots Music :: Oral History interview with Alan Lomax tells the story of their recordings and influence the Lomax’s and Lead Belly had on each other.  

Hear Lead Belly’s John Hardy