Jeremy Habegger, tour guideA true citizen of the world. Born in Geneva, Switzerland and raised in the US as a child, he later moved to France where he spent most of his life. There Jeremy studied Jazz Piano at the Conservatory of Nantes. He played with many bands in different genres: Rock, Blues, Soul, Funk, Fusion, Free Jazz and even in an 80’s cover band. By the age of 29 he decided he needed to come back to the US. Seeking a better understanding of American music, he gravitated to New Orleans in 2010. Soon he joined the Soul Project NOLA after meeting band leader Cristian Duke at an open jam on Frenchmen Street: “It’s still my main gig today. We play Frenchmen Street all year round. It gets crazy during Halloween and our peak season, Carnival to Jazz Fest. I just love it!”

As a professional musician he also plays gospel on the B3 Hammond organ in an African-American church every Sunday down in central city. “However late my Saturday night gig, I’ll be in church Sunday at 9:30 am. I love to kick the bass pedals on the organ accompanying the choir and the preacher. Gospel is the central element to most genres of American music.”

Notably, he has played with The Temptations Review (featuring Dennis Edwards), Walter “Wolfman” Washington, Mem Shannon, Mario Abney, the Brassoholics, and in the Prince Tribute Band with Trixie Minx’s Fleur de Tease amongst others.

He is a¬†graduate of the New Orleans Professional Tour Guiding class at Delgado: “I needed to know more about this city and I had time during the day since we cats usually play at night. The book is open and I can’t stop reading! New Orleans has a fascinating history. I feel very fortunate to be on board with such talented and experienced tour guides as Will and John. What better way to share the knowledge of this great city than to give a music tour!”